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To Your Health

Here at LongTime Ranch, we have spent years studying about good health and the effects modern day farming and ranching has on our well-being. We firmly believe that many of the ailments that threaten our present-day generations are rooted in a diet that consists mostly of highly processed foods, which are loaded with chemical preservatives.  We also believe these foods are a great source of toxicity.

This occurs with cattle that are submitted to unnatural food sources such as grain, corn, GMOs, soy and others. As ruminants, cattle are not able to properly digest these unnatural food sources. Due to the crowded conditions of much of the livestock raised in the US, these cattle are constantly fed antibiotics to prevent infection and disease. Growth hormones are often applied to speed up the growth of these cows, which can induce growth to full size in half of the time it would take to do so naturally.

These unnatural practices are commonplace in the food industry, all in the name of efficiency. These practices result in many unintended consequences, often in the form of poor health for the consumer. We  hope you and your family will enjoy the healthy benefits of our grass-fed beef.

It has been proven that grass-fed beef not only has many health benefits but also has way less calories than grain fed beef. Actually, a 6-ounce grass-fed beef tenderloin will have about 92 fewer calories than the same grain-fed cut.

If you eat a typical amount of beef per year, which in the United States is about 67 pounds, switching to grass-fed beef will save you 16,642 calories a year.

When it comes down to it, all-natural, grass-fed beef is the healthiest solution for you and your family short of those fortunate enough to harvest their wild game each year. Give LongTime Ranch’s beef a try and put good health back into your love for red meat!

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