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Nothing says more about a company than the words of its customers.  We have hundreds of individuals who put their trust in us every year to provide them with their hay needs.  We hope a some of the testimonies below will help you have the confidence in us to allow us to build that same trust!

“I was so amazed at the professionalism of Kent and his crews. I will never have to worry again about having my barn full of quality hay as long as Colorado Horse Hay is in business.”

“I was so amazed at the professionalism of Kent and his crews. I will never have to worry again about having my barn full of quality hay as long as Colorado Horse Hay is in business.”

“Thank you for another load of excellent hay. Your service is the best and I never have to worry about whether your are coming or not. You are always punctual and communication, even if I was not able to order in a timely fashion, you always come through. I like the fact that you deliver in a covered trailer so the hay doesn't get snow or rain on it. Thank you for all you do!”

Grant Schneidman, Iron Horse Farms

“I was so amazed at the professionalism of Kent and his crews. I will never have to worry again about having my barn full of quality hay as long as Colorado Horse Hay is in business.”

Samantha Jones, Horse Owner

Consistently, good, clean hay. Delivered when promised, at fair prices. A pleasure to do business with.

Bayfield farms

I myself and many of my farrier clients have used Colorado Horse Hay for about 4 years now and I personally have to say that it has been the best, and more importantly most consistent hay product line I have seen. Any client that I recommend their products to thank me for making the connection for them. It seems very hard to find good hay year round in the Rockies, but Colorado Horse Hay has figured out how to do it. I am very happy to have someone to recommend to my clients.

Ben Shunko, Farrier

II have been buying hay from Kent's barn for 6 months. It is top quality hay, best I have found in Colorado.

Rowdy Chatham

I have been getting my hay from Colorado Horse Hay for about 9 months. They always provide high quality hay that my horses are happy to eat, and I have never had to worry about running out. The delivery service has been exceptional.

Tara LaBree

Mid  season of 2017-2018 we were in need of more hay than anticipated.  We contacted Kent Gordon through the Colorado Hay Connection on line and ordered 720 bales.  Kent Gordon was very professional and exceptional in accommodating our needs. The farm sent a semi truck and several workers to unload the 720 bales at our ranch over 200 miles away.  The workers were polite and efficient.  The hay was very very good and the price was fair considering delivery of over 200 miles and unloading and stacking it.  I can honestly recommend this hay facility and Kent Gordon for anyone needing good horse show hay.

Darlyne Woodward

Skyline Ranch

I have known Kent since the summer of 2017. His hay service is exceptional and affordable. Kent is one of the most honest and generous individuals I have ever met. I highly recommend working with Kent to anyone.

Jim Harmelink

Earl and I have been getting hay through Colorado Horse Hay for 3 years now. It is always barn stored and smells so fresh when we pick it up. Our boys (6 alpacas) never leave a bite behind and even clean it off the ground before going out to graze. They are picky about the hay they eat! Can't go wrong with the hay from Colorado Horse Hay for horses and alpacas.

Bonnie & Earl

Colorado Horse Hay is wonderful! The quality of the hay is excellent an my horses love it! Kent and the team that delivered the hay were professional, courteous, and punctual. I would recommend their hay!

Linda Vellman

Colorado Horse Hay provides our horses with premium, top-grade hay! Our horses have thrived on the hay and it's especially noticeable during the long winters here in Colorado. Kent Gordon is honest and trustworthy in his sales.

Martin Sutherland

The Gordon family hay business is a blessing to our community. It is a relief to be able to purchase good quality, safe hay for our beloved horses. Kent and family are professional, caring, and honest. 

Paula Fox & Mitch Fox-Rivera

 I have been so impressed with the hay and customer service I have received from Kent and his family. The hay is consistently high quality and they are very accommodating with my very busy schedule!

Kim - Horse Owner

 I just got my first load of hay delivered! It was so nice to have it brought here and stacked. It looks amazing! I would highly recommend them! I will be getting more!

Robin Avita - Horse Owner

 Friendly, reliable, and convenient! Colorado Horse Hay is a great place to get your hay in Teller County.

Kelly Havens - Horse Owner

We have been buying grass hay and grass/alfalfa hay for two years or more from Kent . Love the hay he has! The Gordon family is very courteous, kind and respectful to others to do business with .

The Baysinger Family

Wonderful family business - honest, friendly and reliable (traits you don't always see when dealing with hay people). They are always concerned that I am happy with what was delivered. Luckily I found them 2 years ago when all my other hay sources dried up. They were great during that crisis and I will be a faithful client for many years. They carry a large selection of hay to please any picky horse or horse owner!

Cheryl Sellin

Awesome people to do business with! Highly recommend these folks

Sandy Barlow

We had 100 bales of Wyoming Orchard Grass delivered. Great hay and great customer service. Thank you!

Russ Crees

Had my first visit to Colorado horse hay and they are all more than wonderful there! Just pulled in they loaded my truck for me and sent me on my way! Great people to do business with.

Samantha Perez

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