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Fresh baled Colorado Horse Hay
Alfalfa Colorado Horse Hay
Alfalfa/Grass Mix Colorado Horse Hay
Grass Hay

About 60% of the hay we sell is premium, grass grown in the high mountain valleys of Colorado.  This hay is known as some of the finest horse hay around and is in high demand. This hay is typically rich in protein and provides an amazing amount of quality nutrition for your horses. This hay is contracted from popular areas such as Westcliffe, Walden, Salida, Steamboat Springs, Eagle, Meeker, the Gunnison Valley, and the San Luis Valley.


Those who feed alfalfa to their horses know the advantages. Put a flake of grass and alfalfa side by side and see which one your horse eats first!  For some horses, alfalfa may be a little rich and may make them too hot.  But for most, this legume will put on muscle and give energy like none other.  If you want to give your horses a little extra boost in the winter, use your horses hard, or just want to enjoy the benefits of alfalfa, we hope to be able to supply you with the quality you desire. 

Alfalfa/Grass Mix

A good alfalfa/grass mix is a great choice for most horses. We like the way it keeps muscles on the horses and provides them with the extra energy they need during the cold months. We try to keep a mix that is about 50%/50%. Every field is different depending on the age of the field, the number of cuttings, and where the alfalfa is thickest in the field.  It is always hard to predict the exact percentage of alfalfa to grass because of these variables but if this is your choice, we will try to give you a great mix that has been put up right and been barn-stored.

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