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Colorado Horse Hay is all about making happy horses and happy customers.  That is done by providing a great product at a fair price. In addition to that, it is always our goal to treat you with respect and meet you with a smile.

Ranch Pick up

We have hundreds of customers who come to our ranch to pick up anywhere from a couple bales to dozens of bales every week or so. A lot of people cannot afford to buy large quantities or do not have storage for many bales.  We are sensitive to that and want to help those individuals take care of their animals the way they love to.  Our pick up times at the ranch are Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM, unless prior arrangements are made.  



One of the things we pride ourselves in is our delivery service.  Our flatbed trailers carry anywhere from 105 bales to 420 bales and in most cases are able to negotiate tight areas for delivery. We can also arrange semi deliveries to your location, if you have suitable room. Because we carry large quantities of hay year-round, we love scheduling those who have big demands on a monthly or semi-monthly basis. We are happy to stock you up for the year, but if it suits you better, we can schedule a certain number of bales to be delivered every 30, 60, or 90 days in order to meet your financial needs or space requirements.


Large Squares

The demand for 3x3's and 3x4's has increased over the years and Colorado Horse Hay has the ability to supply you with your big bale needs. We have two options to deliver 3x3's. For those who do not have the equipment to unload, we can deliver 12 bales on our slide-off trailer and can slide if off in your barn or outside where it can be covered with a 15'x30' tarp. We also deliver full loads of 24 on our larger trailers if you have the equipment to unload.

Grass 3x3 .jpg


Colorado Horse Hay also provides hay for customers who use multiple semi loads a year and in some cases, a semi load per week. We can provide slide off loads or the labor to unload and stack in your barn. If you are interested in pricing of a semi load or multiple loads on a regular schedule, please contact us for our current pricing. We can also provide out-of-state customers with your semi needs. 

Semi of Alfalfa-Grass Mix.jpg
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