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About Us

Colorado Horse Hay - Gordon Family

Colorado Horse Hay is a family operation dedicated to providing our customers with premium horse hay at a fair price. The Gordon family has always had a desire for fine horses and quality hay. Our goal is to represent God through our business and build relationships that will last for years to come. We feel everything we do in the business is a representation of who we were created to be and because of that, we strive to be as honest, and fair as possible in every aspect of what we do. Kent and Chipley have been married 46 years and have six wonderful children who all love the ranching lifestyle.

Colorado Horse Hay - Kent Gordon
Kent Gordon
Colorado Horse Hay - Chipley Gordon
Chipley Gordon

Kent has been dealing with hay and horses for almost 50 years. He recently retired from a full-time pastor position after ten years and now gets to enjoy the ranch every day. Kent enjoys hunting, fishing, riding, and pretty much anything that is outside. Kent loves meeting our new customers and looks forward to the many long-term friendships built through the business.

Chipley is a tough ranch gal that likes being outside. She grew up on a 1,300 acre farm and has been bucking hay her entire life. She loves taking care of the Gordon's personal horses, driving her John Deere tractor, and doing things to please their six children and grandchildren. She is also the brains behind the business keeping track of inventory and the monies.

Colorado Horse Hay - Chad Young
Chad Young
Colorado Horse Hay - Joseph Gordon
Joseph Gordon

Chad is the outlaw of the Gordon family.  Actually, he is an in-law and a great son-in-law.  He is married to Bliss, the oldest of the daughters and they have one son and a daughter.  Chad manages the hay business and does an amazing job of coordinating loads coming in and out of the barn. 

Joseph graduated from the Denver Film School and loves acting, producing, and directing films with his brothers.  If you enjoy meeting Joseph and his seeing his humble spirit and contagious smile, be sure to check out the Go Bros channel to see some of the amazing videos they have produced in addition to "Hay Girl".

Colorado Horse Hay - Paige Gordon
Paige Gordon
Andrew Gordon

Paige is the oldest of the Gordon sons.  He is married to Kim and has four children.  He is a musician/songwriter and loves everything outdoors. Being the older brother, he has had plenty of experience in the hay business.  Paige wrote and sings "Hay Girl", in addition to over 230 other originals. Check out his music here! 

Andrew is married to CJ and is the brains behind the film editing for the GoBros. They currently are living in PA but Andrew has hauled hay for us on a full-time basis and still hauls on their extended trips back to CO.  Andrew is small in frame but is incredibly strong and can buck hay from daylight until dark!

Colorado Horse Hay - Houston Gordon
Houston Gordon
Jake 3.png
Jake & Esther Magistrelli

Houston is the youngest of the four boys but doesn't let that slow him down when it comes to hard work.  Houston is an actor, musician, song-writer, choreographer, and dancer. You might even see him putting on some moves while buckin' hay. Might as well have a little fun while doing a hot dusty job!

Jake is also one of our son-in-laws, married to our second daughter, Esther. Jake delivers for us on a full-time basis and comes from a teaching and coaching background. Esther is a horsemanship Instructor but loves to join Jake on as many hauls as possible.  

Mark West
Joel St. John.png
Joel St. John

Mark has been with us for many years and continues to be that steady worker who we can depend on to get the job done right and on time.

Joel is a Worship Pastor at a good size church in Woodland Park but loves hauling hay and meeting new people throughout the week. 

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