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2020 Hay Forecast

There are many factors that can affect the prices of hay but probably the most major is the moisture provided to grow the crops.  The 2020 hay crop has not been good in Colorado due to the majority of the state being in severe to extreme drought conditions.  The map below shows the drought conditions of Colorado as of the first of September.  If you are really interested in the statistics and long-term forecast of Colorado's 2020 Hay forecast, click here to see the entire website and reports put out by the The National Drought Mitigation Center. 

Colorado 2020 Drought Map.png

So what does this mean for the prices of hay? We have all seen hay prices rise over the past several months of 2020 due to the shortage of hay in Colorado.  We are now seeing large amounts of hay being shipped to other drought stricken states.  This is leaving us with a definite shortage in hay for the year.  It is a little early to forecast the prices for this coming Winter, but personally I wouldn't be surprised to see prices climb until early June of 2021. 

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